Recognition of a contractor for public procurement

Contractor accreditation is an official statement that demonstrates that a contractor meets the eligibility requirements for a public works contract. The accreditation is issued by the Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy.

Why is it important?

Contractor accreditation is important because it provides a guarantee of the contractor's quality, reliability and professionalism. It is also a way to promote competition among contractors and make public procurement transparent and fair.

How does it work?

To be recognized as a contractor, a contractor must submit an application to the Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy. The application must contain the following elements:

  • proof of the contractor's technical competence, such as through diplomas, certificates, references or attestations
  • proof of the contractor's financial standing, such as through a balance sheet, profit and loss account, bank certificate or surety bond
  • proof of the contractor's professional integrity, for example, through an extract from the criminal record, a certificate of non-bankruptcy or a declaration on honor

A contractor's approval is given for a particular category or subcategory of works, depending on the nature and scope of the works. There are 20 categories and 46 subcategories of works, each of which has a certain class. The class determines the maximum value of works for which the contractor can bid. There are 8 classes, ranging from class 1 (maximum 150,000 euros) to class 8 (unlimited).

A contractor's accreditation is valid for a period of 5 years. After this period, the contractor must apply for a renewal. The contractor must also report any change in his situation to the Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy.

Public procurement

The contracting authority must specify in the contract documents the category and class required for performance of the contract. The contractor must attach to his tender a certificate of accreditation corresponding to the requested category and class. If the contractor does not have the required accreditation, his bid will be declared irregular and he cannot be awarded the contract.

It is important to check your compliance with the accreditation requirements as soon as possible after receiving the contract documents. If you notice potential problems with the accreditation requirements, let the contracting officer know as soon as possible, even before you submit your bid.

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