Public procurement in consulting

Consulting and business services is an important area in the public procurement market. Specialized firms play a crucial role in government policy and provide recommendations in a wide range of topics.
Green deal & climate
With increasing interest in climate, the implementation of the green deal and ESGs, the demand for expertise within the various public companies is increasing.
Transportation & mobility
These studies include research on traffic patterns, transportation systems, infrastructure, traveler behavior, sustainable mobility and other policy issues.
Audit & Accountancy
By appointing auditors, accountants and other financial professionals, public companies can ensure compliance with financial regulations.
Local governments
The main purpose of consulting to local governments is to provide support and expertise to government agencies in making decisions and developing policies.
Communications assignments
As a specialized service provider, governments like to work with you to facilitate and optimize their citizen participation and other communication assignments.
Coaching & training
The purpose of these assignments is to enable government organizations to obtain high-quality training and coaching services.

Share your knowledge

As a consulting firm and business services provider, you can share your knowledge and expertise with all kinds of public companies. Contribute and have an impact on our society and public companies.

Tenderwolf is a valuable tool that helps consulting firms find relevant public contracts, increase their market knowledge and realize growth opportunities in the dynamic world of public procurement.

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