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Decide what types of assignments you want to receive, or get free guidance from our experts. We can constantly refine your search profile, which also searches directly in specifications and addenda. This allows you to efficiently scan the entire market.

TenderWolf covers tenders, competitions, framework contracts and all other public contracts from all European countries.

TenderWolf's quality guarantee:
Should you miss one relevant contract, we will refund your subscription fee.

Exquisite selection

TenderWolf analyzes all government contracts, including all specifications and addenda, and selects only what meets your specific criteria. That way you get a minimum of clutter in your selection.

Powerful search engine

Easily search our extensive archive of all government contracts, awards, specifications and addenda. Also quickly search within the dozens of government contract documents for specific requirements (ISO standards, technical specifications, etc.)

Search in specifications

From your dashboard, search the specifications of an assignment directly for specific passages (no need to download or unzip anything). This allows you to quickly assess your chances of success.

Clear workflow

Assignments that interest you add them to your shortlist. Only for assignments on your shortlist will you receive updates: corrections, PVs of opening and awards. Keep an overview by labeling assignments.


With one click, you share an assignment or file with people inside or outside your team. You keep an overview of your teams' activities through your management dashboard.

All European countries

TenderWolf covers all European countries. You can easily add countries to your flow.

Linking to your CRM

You add government contracts to your CRM (Salesforce, ZOHO, Pipedrive, Teamleader, etc.) with a single click, instantly sharing all relevant documents with your team.

Sector Analysis

You gain visibility into your specific niche within the public procurement market. Who won a specific contract, and at what price? What contracts are your competitors participating in? Who are the key players?

Ease of use & speed

TenderWolf is strongly committed to ease of use, design and speed. Try it for yourself, and you'll know what we mean.

How does TenderWolf work?

  • TenderWolf collects all new public contracts in Europe on a daily basis.
  • Our algorithms analyze the content of each public contract, including specifications and other addenda
  • TenderWolf ensures the best possible match between your search profile and new government contracts. Through artificial intelligence, you also receive suggestions of government contracts that would otherwise slip through the cracks.

Matching your business with the right government contracts, every day.

That's TenderWolf's mission.

TenderWolf makes your life easy(er)

We have a highly accurate and complete database of public contracts in Europe.
TenderWolf collects an average of more than 1,000 new government contracts per day across Europe.
Every morning you will receive your update email before 7:30am. Our website is mobile friendly.
TenderWolf is active all over Europe. We have users in more than 10 European countries.
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