TenderWolf for Framework Contracts

Framework contracts promote efficiency and convenience in procuring regularly needed goods and services. They provide a streamlined process where buyer and supplier have pre-negotiated terms and prices. This makes the purchasing process faster and easier.
Fire insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, ...
Beverages and food
Cold and hot meals, beverages, meats, ...
Internet and television
Internet subscriptions and digital television are often purchased through framework contracts.
Electricity and gas
Purchases of electricity and gas often done through framework contract
Bus Transportation
Bus transportation for schools or other institutions that require transportation on an ongoing basis
Maintenance and repairs
This can include maintaining roads, plants, machinery and the like more
Green maintenance
Pruning trees, maintaining greenery, mowing roadsides, ...
Inspection services are also often awarded to a player through a framework contract.
We are happy to investigate what relevant framework contracts exist for your business.

Intelligent tender platform

TenderWolf simplifies the process of finding relevant framework contracts and provides clear insight into previous terms and pricing.

TenderWolf is a handy tool that helps you discover more framework contracts. With our calendar, you can easily anticipate the announcement of new framework contracts.

Fast and efficient follow-up
Self-learning selection systems
Powerful search engine
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