Public procurement in construction

TenderWolf maps all relevant government contracts and tenders in the construction sector.
General Structures
General construction includes a wide range of construction activities, including design, construction, renovation and maintenance of various construction projects such as residential and commercial buildings, infrastructure, public facilities and industrial structures.
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is an essential climate control system that provides heating and cooling as well as ventilation for optimal air quality and comfort in various buildings and environments.
Electrical Works
Electrical work includes the installation, maintenance and wiring of electrical infrastructure and lighting systems.
Infrastructure Works
Infrastructure works include various construction activities aimed at designing, constructing and maintaining crucial physical structures and facilities, such as roads, bridges, sewage systems and energy infrastructure.
Design, Build, Finance, and Maintain in which a private party is responsible for the design, construction, financing, and maintenance of an infrastructure project over a specified period of time.
Road works are the activities focused on the design, construction and maintenance of roads, including earthworks, road paving and sewage systems.
Roofing work includes the installation, repair and maintenance of roofs on various types of buildings, using high-quality roofing materials and techniques to provide protection from weather and create durable and waterproof roof structures.
School construction
School construction refers to the design, construction and furnishing of educational facilities such as schools and educational buildings, with the aim of creating inspiring and functional learning environments that meet the specific needs of students, teachers and the educational system.
Residential construction involves the process of designing, constructing and finishing residential buildings, focusing on creating comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing homes that meet the needs and desires of residents.
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