Government procurement in the software & IT sector

Looking for government contracts in the IT sector? Our platform can help you identify the most promising assignments.
Website & CMS
In this economy, not having a website is unthinkable. This is precisely why many government agencies are having one developed. This goes from conceptualization to full implementation.
Consultancy & Interim
Governments need specialized knowledge for short- and medium-term assignments.
Mobile & Apps
Mobile and apps have a wide range of applications and functionalities ranging from communication and entertainment to productivity, healthcare, e-commerce and more.
The government is looking for pre-existing tools to optimize its internal processes. This presents an extraordinary opportunity for high-growth SaaS companies.
Data & Analytics
Within government, data & analytics applications are becoming more widely developed. This often starts from data strategy, to implementing a data platform.
SaaS solutions do not exist for all purposes. That's why the government often commissions fully customized software development. These assignments represent a huge opportunity for companies.

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Software development and IT is one of the fastest growing markets within government procurement.

Tenderwolf is a valuable tool that supports software companies in finding relevant government contracts, increasing their market knowledge and realizing growth opportunities in the dynamic world of government procurement.

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