TenderWolf helps you identify the most appropriate government contracts in a cloud of noise. How can you get started quickly?

The ultra-short version:

1. Register on the TenderWolf platform. We'll set up a search profile for you, and you'll get relevant government contracts every day. Your trial subscription is free and without obligation, and runs for 14 days.

2. Add interesting tenders to your "shortlist," via the asterisk. Then you will automatically receive rectifications, PVs of opening and award information in your mailbox and in the TenderWolf app.

3. If you are not satisfied with your selection government assignments, send an email to info@tenderwolf.com, and one of our experts will quickly help you optimize your selections.

The long but complete version:

Are you looking for a way to quickly and easily find the best tenders for your business? Then TenderWolf (www.tenderwolf.com) is the solution for you. TenderWolf is an online platform that gives you access to all public tenders in Belgium, BeneLux and Europe. Through a combination of search profiles, you can quickly gain insight into the daily flow of public tenders, and quickly find the relevant tenders that match your activities, expertise and region.

How exactly does TenderWolf work? It's very simple. You create an account on the website. TenderWolf creates a profile for your company, and then your free 14-day trial starts. The trial is completely non-binding, and allows you to quickly and properly get acquainted with the power of TenderWolf. In consultation with our experts you can adjust your search profiles. After the trial you decide whether you want to continue with a paid subscription or use the free version.

Through a combination of advanced search profiles, you get a relevant daily selection of government contracts, as well as immediate insight.

Each search profile consists of a combination of different filters:

1. CPV codes: these are the codes that describe the products, services or supplies for which the public contract was issued. One or more CPV codes may be indicated here, or entire branches may be selected.

2. Keywords: these are words that appear in the title, description or accompanying documents of the public contract. This can be a single word or a combination of words (whether or not in the correct order). Keywords are entered by language. TenderWolf also automatically searches for plural forms, spelling variants, and words with the same root (best to give an example). The more keywords appear, the more relevant the publication is ranked, with words appearing in the title or short description being given more weight. In addition, you can indicate that all addenda should also be searched. This is especially interesting for companies that supply specific products or have certain certifications or quality seals.

3. NUTS codes: these are the codes that indicate the geographical location where the public contract takes place. Here you can choose multiple codes, or indicate entire regions.

4. Accreditations: these are certificates or qualifications required to compete for a public contract. You can specify which recognitions may be requested.

Each filter can be combined with one or more others. The keywords found are displayed on your opportunities dashboard. Each keyword is clickable, allowing you to see only those assignments that have that keyword in the title, short description or accompanying documents. This gives you quick insight and overview.

Every day you will receive an update email with all government contracts that match your search profile. They are shown in order of relevance: the most relevant at the top, and the least relevant at the bottom. You can add an interesting assignment to your shortlist, or share it with colleagues or third parties.

By default, TenderWolf chooses to send you only new assignments. Of contracts you have added to your shortlist, you will receive rectifications, PVs of opening and award information, both via emails and the app. So you won't get rectifications, PVs of opening or awards of assignments that don't interest you anyway. That saves quite a bit on the daily bubbling stream of incoming assignments.

Via a click on the asterisk, you add an assignment to your shortlist.

Once you've added a job to your shortlist, the tender gets a timeline indicating all publications. This way you maintain an overview. You will be notified by e-mail when there is a new publication for the tender.

Want to feel for yourself the power of a really handy tool to receive and analyze the right government assignments? You can test it yourself for free and with no obligation.

If you want more info first: send us an email and we will contact you immediately.

Find out how TenderWolf can make a difference for you (in preparation):

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